For all those who are carrying out plaster insulation works, replacing winter air-conditioning systems with a heat pump system, cooling or domestic hot water supply, the replacement of the fixtures can also be included in the superbonus!

In fact, the tax deduction is on sale from 50% to 110% for the renovation or energy requalification works, such as the replacement of windows and doors, throughout 2020.

The amount that can be harmful is that VAT is included and is returned in 10 years, in the form of a discount on the taxes to be paid, or in the form of a tax credit, transferring to the company that deals with the restructuring.

The fundamental requirement for accessing the tax deduction is compliance with a certain limit value of thermal transmittance of the window or door together with the presence of other insulation or improvement works in the energy class.

The thermal transmittance gives an indication of how much the element passes the heat. It follows that a low transmittance value corresponds to little heat transmitted, therefore a window is the more performing the lower its transmittance value.

These parameters can occur in the certification of the window that the manufacturer is required to provide and which must be maintained for the purposes of the tax deduction.

Vaber Serramenti provided only certified products for its customers.