VABER was born in 1974 with Ivano Vanin and Riccardo Bergamin.

The historical heading is “Falegnameria Vanin Bergamin” but later takes the current name “VABER” synthesis of the first syllable of the surnames of the founders.

The productive activity records from the beginning a significant growth thanks to the passion and the craftsmanship of the owners, to their constant commitment in the search for new technologies and the careful choice of materials.

Over the years a high quality production has been maintained that only craftsmanship can offer compared to a standardized industrial product.

The excellent results obtained in the realization of its frames have allowed to respond positively also to the requests in the more complex building structures like those of the historical center of Venice.

In our laboratories we design and create custom-made frames with endless possibilities for customization that make each product unique.

The company has always worked in full respect of the environment using recyclable materials for eco-sustainable management.

Today VABER continues its activity with a concrete experience and the passion and values ​​of all time, transmitted by the founders.

Renzo Bergamin